10 Christmas Gifts for the Traveling Hunter

hunting gifts

You guys, Christmas is coming.  Don’t stone me.  I just want you to be prepared.  I want you to know, we’re thinking of you and your favorite hunters.  So- what’s hot this year for hunting? Well- there are some new items and some of the tried and true items that you can’t have too much of.  Without further ado, here’s a big list for you, so you don’t have to do the leg work. Also- we’re going to slip in a few ideas for the wives that stay behind because they are worth it! You’re welcome!

  1. Hiking Socks: This aren’t just any sock, and there are many brands.  Since we don’t want to drop brand names because we don’t play that- you can certainly just head over to your favorite place to shop on and get a hiking sock. They usually keep your feet drier longer and prevent blisters.  So you know, don’t go cheap.
  2. Surprise Oil Change:  We have friends in Willmar, MN that own Central Tire and Auto. They say that a great present for any traveling hunter is a gift card for an oil change and tune up.  There’s always so much to prepare, the last thing hunters think about is getting that old rig tuned up.  
  3. Flexible Lights for Nighttime: It’s a time to be alive, and that means there’s no need for a night while hunting.  There’s a lot of little lights out there with feet and arms that can be twisted on branches so you can read, carve, and eat with a bit more light.
  4. Cigars: There’s no better way to celebrate a successful hunting trip than cigars around the fire!  So buy your favorite kind, wrap it up- and enjoy!
  5. Etsy: Head on over to the Etsy site and look for some handmade goodies and see what your favorite hunter would want.  You’re sure to find all sorts of things from wool socks to knives. Have fun!
  6. Benchmade anything: My husband swears by Benchmade knives, and I’m pretty sure when I googled them here just now he might have drooled.  Fixed blades seem to be a colossal hit too, incase you wanted to know.
  7. Knife sharpening kit: You’re going to need to sharpen those knives so get a kit to keep the tools you have in working order!  All this stuff is a  great gift for anyone that loves to be outdoors.  
  8. Hand Warmers:  Nobody likes hunting with cold hands. Really- nobody likes cold hands.  You can even get them for your boots too (but if you get the good hiking socks you should need them). Again, there are a lot of brands, and it’s up to preference there.  Have fun!
  9. Ammo:  Do I need to explain this one?  You can’t have too much ammo.  It’s proven fact and science.  I don’t have the articles available yet to test this, so you’ll just have to trust me.
  10. Cabela’s Gift Card: If you’re still stuck, go to the for sure answer and just get a gift card. It’s cash, but better.  I mean, they could get anything they wanted!

So- how about the ladies?  Here are some fun gift ideas for the women to enjoy while the men are out.

  1. Hire a Deep Cleaning Team

I have a friend that’s a mortgage lender in Eugene- when her husband goes out hunting he always schedules to have the house deep cleaned that Friday before. That way she doesn’t just spend all her time cleaning. She can simply enjoy her clean house- and enjoy it staying clean all weekend long! What a nice guy!

  1.  Spa Day!

What doesn’t women love a spa day?  Well- the kind of women that would rather spend time with her man.  That’s why getting her a day at the spa when you’re going to be gone is perfect.  She can truly enjoy it!

So there you have it, readers.  Our idea list for the hunters in your life.  Be inspired, and remember ladies- the more they go hunting, the more free time around the house you have with your girlfriends.