The Raging Debate: Luxury Hotels Vs. Budget Hotels

Luxury Hotels Vs. Budget Hotels

Long ago hotel rooms were very basic, usually equipped with a washstand, cupboard, and a table. Today, the modern day hotels are fully fitted with modern facilities such as Wi-Fi, telephones, mini-bars, air conditioning, bathrooms, televisions, swimming pools and spa facilities.

On deciding where you and your family might decide on going on vacation you still have to make up your mind on one thing – your hotel. You can treat yourself in a luxury hotel or opt for a budget hotel where you might spend less. Both options come with their pros and cons. Most luxury hotels offer many services, some of which you might not use. On the other hand, a cheaper budget hotel may lack some important amenities. Here are the perks of both types of hotels.

Budget Hotels

If you do not want the extra glam or fancy environment associated with luxury hotels, you can opt for the budget establishments. In addition to paying less, they are ever tidy and clean. Their rooms though smaller and very comfortable. Unfortunately, budget hotels do not offer their clients a broad range of facilities. If your desire is to get cheap accommodations where you can rest your head after a long, eventful day, then a more budget friendly hotel will work for you.

Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels are your best bet when going out on special occasions. There is a lot of misinformation out there that they are only a place for the wealthy. If you plan way ahead for the occasion, the cost is very manageable. Most luxury hotels contain special amenities such as award-winning spas, gyms, pool facilities and restaurants. Their rooms are quite a bit larger than budget hotel rooms and are fitted with elegantly decorated furnishings. If you intend to make your vacation experience memorable, opt for luxurious hotels.  Here is a video of some of the amenities in a luxury hotel.


What Distinguishes the Two?

As expected, the services at luxury hotels come at a much higher price when compared to their budget counterparts. Other services which are standard at luxury hotels are free newspapers, room service and top cable channel selections, hot tubs and swimming pools.  In a similar way to budget hotels, the rates charged on luxury hotels depend on the exact location of the hotel and the season.


If you have the money to splash on a luxury hotel while on vacation do not hesitate, go for it. The experience is magical. As for those who are operating on a more limited budget, they will find it more suitable and economical to stay in budget hotels.