What To Expect From A Luxury Hotel

What crosses your mind whenever someone talks of a luxury hotel? One thing is certain; there are several expectations we all have of a luxury hotel.  With recent escalation in the number of poorly served hotels calling themselves luxury residences; whose main aim is profit, denying their client’s quest for quality by offering sub-standard services, perhaps we need to draw the line on what to expect when it comes to luxury hotels. Come with me, let’s flex muscles and delve into the nitty-gritty details of the basic requirements and expectations of an hotel that befits the standard of being referred to as a luxury one.

1. Outstanding services:

A luxury hotel should offer services that clearly distinguish it from the rest. For instance, there ought to be someone to attend to any needs the client might have at any given moment regardless of time or urgency. This is what defines an hotel as being luxury. A smile before and after every response is not too much ask too.

2. Complimentary Packages:

When I say complimentary packages, am referring to some services which one does not need to spend a dime on. For instance, access to the WI-FI and local phone calls need to come as complimentary services in order to make the clients feel comfortable while staying in the hotel. Other facilities like gym, breakfast and bottled water could also do as complimentary packages.

3. Awesome facilities:

While one has to put their luggage under their beds or simply ditch them into a corner in a normal and less classy hotel, the trend must be different for a luxury hotel. While most luxury hotel’s clients are rich and high profile individuals, there should be some degree of class when it comes to designing of proper storage mechanism to avoid inconveniences.  Also including tennis court, spas and hot tubs could also make the client’s stay unforgettable.

4. Perfect location:

When it comes to luxury hotels, location is basic. It ought to be located in an area where access to other services is fast and effective. For instance, a luxury hotel needs to be located in a position where one can easily access the shopping centers as well as other natural attractions.

5. Privacy:

Last but not least in my list is privacy and more importantly security. This is one aspect that should be accorded all guest that check into a luxury hotel at any given time. Blackout curtains and presence of security personnel should be ensured.

While a list of what to expect of a luxury hotel is inexhaustible, mentioned above are some basic requirements that distinguish luxury hotels from the rest.